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22 (more) countries using Quris

Published by Mark Buchner on 21 April 2022.

The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association commissioned Tactuum to provide a web and mobile app platform to deliver antimicrobial guidance across 22 countries within the commonwealth.

The purpose of this project is to provide antimicrobial guidelines and resources for up to 22 Fleming Fund (FF) countries as a digital resource made available through both a single mobile app and website using the Quris platform.

National Standard Treatment Guidelines will be uploaded for 12 countries. The priority order of upload for the 12 countries is as follows; Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia; Next, the 6 selected PPS countries including; Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Timor-leste and Nepal; Finally, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Eswatini will follow.

Where information and resources are available, all countries will be supported to facilitate the upload of national prescribing guidelines for animal health.  All 22 countries will also have access to international core modules for both animal and human health.

Over time the App content will be expanded to all/up to 22 countries, where content will be managed/customised by individual country representatives (In Country Consultants) and App champions.

Countries will be able to extend use beyond antimicrobial guidance and so the Quris platform will become a national repository for country-wide guidance. To this end, a section on the App “National AMS/IPC’ was added to capture more general guidance like individual countries’ National Action plans. An intervention recording section/Audit questionnaire will also be added to track impact of the App.

The objective behind this app/project is to provide a sustainable resource that can be easily maintained, updated and will provide accurate guidance on antimicrobial prescribing, moving to alleviate the challenges caused by Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) globally.

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