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Our challenge

On Sunday 22 March 2020 at 2.33am, we received an email from a senior consultant working on the frontline against COVID-19.

He told us new protocols were being developed so quickly that frontline staff couldn’t keep up. They were having trouble finding what they were looking for and wasting valuable time searching.

We had to find a way to make sure key resources were quickly shared, communicated and updated. And a new system had to be operating within 48 hours – without putting any extra demands on their IT department.

Our approach

We responded first thing on Sunday morning and started collaborating with the clinicians at St John’s right away.

By implementing our innovative Clinical Companion, we made sure frontline staff had real-time access to local guidelines, training resources and daily updates.

Resources were available on any device and the relevant team members were instantly made aware of changes – a necessity when fighting a pandemic.

Our impact

Within 48 hours, we had rolled out Clinical Companion at St John’s Hospital. And in just two weeks, more than 1000 hospital staff were using our product. This rapid response saved valuable time, increased patient safety and reduced the spread of COVID-19.

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